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I am the primary caregiver for my mother who is diagnosed with schizophrenia.  I will be going away for one-week. She is not able to stay on her own because of her illness - can CCI help?


Absolutely, CCI has a variety of services that can be put in place to look after your mother and reassure you during your absence. These include having members of our highly trained personal support worker team visit with your mother in her home providing all the support she will need, including personal care, meal preparation and companionship. Alternatively, you may prefer to arrange to have your mother spend time at our warm and inviting residence located at 1669 Weston Road, Toronto, Ontario (Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue West) for respite care. Here we also offer planned or emergency short-term relief to families and caregivers. We are more that happy to accommodate your mother.


Frequently Asked Questions

My son has Autism.  I find it very hard sometimes to take him on his medical appointments due to my busy schedule at work. - can a CCI employee accompany him to his appointments?


Yes, we have staff that can accompany your son to medical appointments and stay with him while he is there. CCI always commits to providing the same staff member at all times to allow for familiarity and predictability, so if possible, please provide us with at least one week's notice of his appointments



How can I help you to prepare for my visit?


Planning Your Care

  • You, and (if you wish), your family or friends, can be active partners in your care.

  • You can expect to participate in an assessment to help determine your needs and goals to direct a plan of care.  We are concerned with the whole person and how illness has impacted your daily life.

  • Tell us what has worked and not worked for you to manage your health.  Also, let us know what has helped in the past to keep you healthy, well and strong.

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