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The program offers several components. These program components are designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of each person. We stress active individual participation and integration into the community wherever possible.


The program components include:

  • Recreation – provides leisure and recreation opportunities and an atmosphere to promote socialization.

  • Routines & Structure – Provides familiarity and predictability through routines; maintaining and enhancing daily living skills, maintaining and developing communication and social skills, promoting health and nutrition and fitness balance.

  • Training – Provides academic learning opportunities, maintaining and developing communication skills and building social skills.

  • Sensory – Provides a high level of physical and emotional support and care in a stimulating and safe environment.

  • Community Events – Provides opportunities for community inclusion

Transitional Support Services


CCI offers an active, stimulating environment that promotes learning and growth. The program not only serves our residents but also serves other individuals living at home with other community providers.


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