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CCI is located in the west of Toronto.  Our home provides person-centered supervision and support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Accommodations include single and shared bedrooms.   The residence is safe, modern and well-kept. It is equipped with an alarm system.  For your comfort and enjoyment, we can accommodate your most important personal needs and interests, not only within your suite but throughout the residence—for dining, health and wellness, socializing, recreation and so much more.


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Residential Support Services

CCI Centre provides three levels of residential programming to meet the needs of eligible adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Small Group Homes provide supervised living around the clock.  The Individual may have his/her own room and all the home amenities that their hard earned money can buy.  Each individual brings their own style to the home environment which establishes pride and diversity.


CCI staff assists the residents with activities of daily living, personal care, community/social outings, and household chores.  The homes provide a real family environment and the neighbors have become valued friends.


Individually the residents are active members of civic and fraternal organizations that they enjoy.  Each has a busy social schedule with bowling, church services, dining out, club meetings, shopping, sports and community volunteering.  Each resident is an enterprising member of their community.


Supported Living Coaching and Personal Supports are provided for eligible individuals who are ready to become more independent. Individuals have the opportunity to rent an apartment/house.  The staff assists the individual(s) with every step including selecting a new residence, budget support, transportation and how to cultivate solid relationships with neighbors or new roommates.  The staff supervises activities depending on the level of need, up to and including overnight coverage.

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